How to setup magento 2


How to Setup Magento 2 quickly and easily

We will be looking at how to quickly and easily install a copy of Magento 2 on your web server through Cpanel without mucking about with technical heavy software like SSH, Composer or any PHP programming code etc. We’ll actually do this in less then 10 minutes through CPanel.

Apart from the instructions on this page, we have also added a video below as a basic guide on how to install Magento 2 through cpanel on your account. Both the tutorial and the video are a very basic step by step to get Magento shopping cart up and running without too much difficulty.
Once the Magento installation is complete, we are going to be adding a category and a product, just to have a basic understanding and get you going.

Before we start its good to know, Magento is an open-source e-commerce software system written in PHP with a Mysql Database backend. The software was originally developed by Varien Inc. Magento’s market share among the 30 most popular e-commerce platforms is about 29.8% and is used by many large companies like Nike, Dicksmith etc The Latest version being Magento 2 at the time of writing this Blog, is powerful, with hundreds of features not available in other carts. The only downside would be having so many features being its strength also makes it its weakness since it is complex and harder to use.

Ok, so lets get on with it

How to Setup Magento 2 quickly and easily

The default Magento 2 install

1. First Log into your cpanel… you would do this by going to your browser and typing in your domain name followed by cpanel, like this:
2. Then find and click on Softaculous Magento icon
3. Once the screen is loaded enter the details its self explanatory here.
4. Once the installation is complete, visit the webpage

Its important to note, ideally you would want to place your magento on its own VPS (virtual Private server) or Dedicated server instead of a shared server, so that you have all the server resources dedicated to your Magento website therefore that way your site would load faster. These days servers are quite cheap. if your interested see our url below this video for server pricing.

5. ok, once the sites installed and loaded, we have the default Luma theme displayed at your domain, now lets look at setting up some products.
6. On the Softaculous screen, follow the link to the admin page and please login.
7. now we’ll add a sample product – follow the video from here if its difficult to find the actual links
8 products > catalog > add product
9. enter the product name, price
10. click on new category if you require a new category
11. scroll down to images and videos and drag image across to add video and hit save.
(the image couldn’t be uploaded due to permission settings on the images folder. you can change the images folder via the cpanel file manager to 777 to allow for images to be uploaded.
12. refresh the home page,and you should now see that you have a category with one product

So there you go a very basic tutorial on setting up Magento 2, adding a category and a product.

For those who got stuck, send me your questions, and/or feedback id love to hear from you and based on your questions I may create part 2 of this video.