Mobile responsive website design is a must these days.

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What does Mobile responsive website design actually mean.  A Mobile website is an entirely separate website specifically created for mobile devices such as a mobile phone eg iphones or tablets such as ipads. A mobile responsive website is “responsive” to the device it’s displayed on.

Responsive Design uses the same domain and website content, which is built in such a way to detect the visitor’s screen size and orientation then change the layout accordingly to fit that particular screen. Therefore a responsive website would have a certain look on a desktop monitor and laptops, yet a thinner version for tablets and mobile devices.

mobile responsive website designTrying to Interact with a non-mobile-responsive website using a touch screen is often clumsy. Having to scroll left and right to see what you want, or resizing the page several times is very tedious.  Furthermore mobile devices experience slow load times since they need to load all the content and images at desktop sizes or format.

The following graph clearly shows the growth in mobile usage over a 4 year period and the contious increase. This devices being used by number of users (10% sample) versus time (over 4 years) clearly manifests the increase over time of mobile devices


And in this image we can see every industry/segment is different. As you can imagine some sites are better left to be viewed while in front of your desktop.

comparison-mobile-vs-desktopSo we can conclude from these 2 images that its becoming more important that your website caters to people who want to access it from both mobile and desktop devices.

So how do we build a mobile responsive website design?

The quickest and easiest way to get yourself a mobile friendly website, is to just buy one. Thats right. There are many theme websites like themeforest plus others. Searching for website themes will produce thousands of results.

Or build one using a free theme from

High Quality mobile responsive design is definitely a must these days. And very affordable too, so make sure your website works in a responsive fashion on all devices today.


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