How to setup magento 2


How to Setup Magento 2 quickly and easily

We will be looking at how to quickly and easily install a copy of Magento 2 on your web server through Cpanel without mucking about with technical heavy software like SSH, Composer or any PHP programming code etc. We’ll actually do this in less then 10 minutes through CPanel. Apart from the instructions on this page, we have also added … Read More

How Website Programmers can Help Your Business

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A website programmer can build you a website that responds to your business needs, and anticipates customer behaviour. The E-commerce industry is a complex industry, and a web developer can help you quickly and easily navigate your options for webpage style and function, as well as creating the perfect website for you. A website programmer can customise a ready-made theme … Read More

What is Poodle Update, SSL 3.0 and TLS


The popular implementation of public-key encryption is the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL is an Internet security protocol used by browsers and servers to transmit private and sensitive information. SSL has become part of an overall security protocol known as Transport Layer Security (TLS). It used to be believed that TLS v1.0 was marginally more secure than SSL v3.0, its … Read More

Magento Go is Shutting Down

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On February 1, 2015 Magento Go is Shutting Down! I think this is the worst thing a Company can say to its clients. Surely you could have organised a several easy options for your clients, who have trusted and used your services over the years. Forcing people to migrate to your $12,000/ year Enterprise software, is not fair. Neither is … Read More

Compare ecommerce software

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We have have compared some of the more popular ecommerce shopping cart software available today. Some of the shopping cart software packages have further features which are available through modules and addons. As such, the features listed below may not include all possible features for a given shopping cart software package. Keep in mind this is only but a small … Read More

How to design a ecommerce website quickly and cheaply


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You are reading this article because you want a ecommerce website designed to sell your products or services online. You also want to be able to do this very quickly and as cheap as possible. Well im going to show you some of the ways this can be done. Just keep in mind though, what may look cheap initially can … Read More

Important Tips for Running an E-commerce Websites

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Running an e-commerce task is not a simple task. From conversion rate strategies to figuring out which referrers drive you the best traffic, it involves a series of processes and certain mastery of marketing tools to be able to successfully run an online shop.   If you want to take advantage of establishing an online presence, this article should give … Read More